A Change of Heart: Backblaze is indeed the best backup after all

Almost a year ago I posted Online Backups: Why Switch From Backblaze to Crashplan, a posting about my plan to switch online backup service providers from Backblaze to Crashplan.  It wasn’t an indictment of Backblaze; it was simply a comparison of the two providers, arguing that on balance Crashplan was a better proposition for me.  True, I had experienced some issues with Backblaze’s streamlined approach to backup, but … Continue reading A Change of Heart: Backblaze is indeed the best backup after all

Why Patriotism Is Bad

Congratulations if you’re planning to read this article.  Many will not.  Many will see the title as anti-patriotic and will be irritated or insulted or angry.  And so they won’t continue.  Yet that’s a shame, because it is such intolerance to new ideas that is the point of my claim.  Patriotism doesn’t have to mean intolerance but, somehow, that’s what it’s become.  For some people … Continue reading Why Patriotism Is Bad

Why It’s Time To Sell Your BCE Stock

I don’t typically write about stocks, or any investments for that matter. But this commentary about BCE (Bell Canada Enterprises) is one that is overdue. I’ve never been impressed with Bell; it excels at nothing, other than political shenanigans.  And it’s customers seem to hate it. As an investment, the only thing it really had going for it was it’s telephone monopoly but that seems … Continue reading Why It’s Time To Sell Your BCE Stock

Is Humanity Worth Saving?

As a child, I would watch end-of-the-world movies and become concerned about catastrophic events that might destroy the entire human race. Somehow I thought it was important to save humanity. Today, as I watch the unfolding of world events, I’m not so sure. Sure, it’s easy to find human flaws. Extremist religious groups murder innocent civilians. Government officials accept bribes and, in so doing, often … Continue reading Is Humanity Worth Saving?

A Nail in the Coffin: An Open Letter to the People of America

As a Canadian, I grew up with great respect for America. Canada, for all its virtues and perhaps because of its small population, has historically been invisible on the world stage. America, by contrast, has been a rare defender of common human values in the world. I, and many other world citizens, have counted on America as a beacon of righteousness in a tumultuous world. … Continue reading A Nail in the Coffin: An Open Letter to the People of America

Online Backups: Why Switch From Backblaze to Crashplan?

Why am outlining my planned change of online backup service?  I work on many projects which store data on both desktop and online systems. These systems contain a significant amount of original material that would be all but impossible to replace if a data storage device should fail, so backups are essential to protect against their loss. The best of breed For online backups, PC Magazine … Continue reading Online Backups: Why Switch From Backblaze to Crashplan?

First Impressions of Microsoft Azure

Why Azure? Before I present my first impressions of Microsoft Azure, let me begin with a disclaimer:  I don’t like Microsoft.  With the exception of Excel, I think its products have generally been inferior to and provided less value than its competitors.  Although its has released better versions of its operating system of the years (XP and 7 in particular come to mind), it continues to regress on other versions (witness the fiascoes … Continue reading First Impressions of Microsoft Azure

Is Google now evil?

This blog entry is not really just about Google; it’s also about my perception of Google in relation to Apple and Microsoft.  In some ways, I hate them all.  But love’em or hate’em, Google, Apple and Microsoft are in the contest of the century to control everything technological.  And while it might sound like a game, it’s very serious business.  And the prize?  Not just control of the technological … Continue reading Is Google now evil?

Are We Witches or Something More?

This past week’s Economist reviewed a new book by Stacy Schiff titled The Witches: Salem, 1692.  I have not read the book, but the review makes clear how barbaric and unfair the witch trials were.  Those that confessed to being witches were often spared while those who were adamant of their guilt were often executed.  William Stoughton, the chief justice at the trials, allowed bizarre evidence (“spectral evidence”) … Continue reading Are We Witches or Something More?