Why It’s Time To Sell Your BCE Stock

I don’t typically write about stocks, or any investments for that matter. But this commentary about BCE (Bell Canada Enterprises) is one that is overdue. I’ve never been impressed with Bell; it excels at nothing, other than political shenanigans.  And it’s customers seem to hate it. As an investment, the only thing it really had going for it was it’s telephone monopoly but that seems … Continue reading Why It’s Time To Sell Your BCE Stock

Is Humanity Worth Saving?

As a child, I would watch end-of-the-world movies and become concerned about catastrophic events that might destroy the entire human race. Somehow I thought it was important to save humanity. Today, as I watch the unfolding of world events, I’m not so sure. Sure, it’s easy to find human flaws. Extremist religious groups murder innocent civilians. Government officials accept bribes and, in so doing, often … Continue reading Is Humanity Worth Saving?

A Nail in the Coffin: An Open Letter to the People of America

As a Canadian, I grew up with great respect for America. Canada, for all its virtues and perhaps because of its small population, has historically been invisible on the world stage. America, by contrast, has been a rare defender of common human values in the world. I, and many other world citizens, have counted on America as a beacon of righteousness in a tumultuous world. … Continue reading A Nail in the Coffin: An Open Letter to the People of America

Mightn’t a little bit of autism be a good thing?

In The Economist a few weeks ago I read a book review of Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity, by Steve Silberman.  The review noted that, historically, some geniuses have suffered from various degrees of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Specifically mentioned were Henry Cavendish, Nikola Tesla and Paul Dirac.  The review reminded me how much I have learned about autism over the last 15 years or so and how … Continue reading Mightn’t a little bit of autism be a good thing?

Saving money

Opportunity Strikes When our home central air conditioner failed last year, I decided to experiment with an alternative approach to cooling our house.  We have seen our electricity costs soar in Ontario over the last several years, so minimizing air conditioner use seemed a worthwhile exercise. Even when our air conditioner had worked well, we had always turned it off when the weather was mild, … Continue reading Saving money