Why Patriotism Is Bad

Congratulations if you’re planning to read this article.  Many will not.  Many will see the title as anti-patriotic and will be irritated or insulted or angry.  And so they won’t continue.  Yet that’s a shame, because it is such intolerance to new ideas that is the point of my claim.  Patriotism doesn’t have to mean intolerance but, somehow, that’s what it’s become.  For some people … Continue reading Why Patriotism Is Bad

Are We Witches or Something More?

This past week’s Economist reviewed a new book by Stacy Schiff titled The Witches: Salem, 1692.  I have not read the book, but the review makes clear how barbaric and unfair the witch trials were.  Those that confessed to being witches were often spared while those who were adamant of their guilt were often executed.  William Stoughton, the chief justice at the trials, allowed bizarre evidence (“spectral evidence”) … Continue reading Are We Witches or Something More?