A Change of Heart: Backblaze is indeed the best backup after all

Almost a year ago I posted Online Backups: Why Switch From Backblaze to Crashplan, a posting about my plan to switch online backup service providers from Backblaze to Crashplan.  It wasn’t an indictment of Backblaze; it was simply a comparison of the two providers, arguing that on balance Crashplan was a better proposition for me.  True, I had experienced some issues with Backblaze’s streamlined approach to backup, but … Continue reading A Change of Heart: Backblaze is indeed the best backup after all

Online Backups: Why Switch From Backblaze to Crashplan?

Why am outlining my planned change of online backup service?  I work on many projects which store data on both desktop and online systems. These systems contain a significant amount of original material that would be all but impossible to replace if a data storage device should fail, so backups are essential to protect against their loss. The best of breed For online backups, PC Magazine … Continue reading Online Backups: Why Switch From Backblaze to Crashplan?

First Impressions of Microsoft Azure

Why Azure? Before I present my first impressions of Microsoft Azure, let me begin with a disclaimer:  I don’t like Microsoft.  With the exception of Excel, I think its products have generally been inferior to and provided less value than its competitors.  Although its has released better versions of its operating system of the years (XP and 7 in particular come to mind), it continues to regress on other versions (witness the fiascoes … Continue reading First Impressions of Microsoft Azure

Is Google now evil?

This blog entry is not really just about Google; it’s also about my perception of Google in relation to Apple and Microsoft.  In some ways, I hate them all.  But love’em or hate’em, Google, Apple and Microsoft are in the contest of the century to control everything technological.  And while it might sound like a game, it’s very serious business.  And the prize?  Not just control of the technological … Continue reading Is Google now evil?

Google Compute Engine Review

The Free Trial I recently discovered that Google was offering $300 in credits to those who want to evaluate its Cloud Platform, an offering which includes the Google Compute Engine.  Even though the credits expire after 60 days, I decided it was worth spending a little time to test drive the platform, to see if it was all it claimed to be.  I was surprised, both positively … Continue reading Google Compute Engine Review